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Pond & Waterway Dredging

It is important to first remember that most lakes, canals, ponds and waterways in Florida’s low elevation coastal regions are there for the main purpose of water retention and removal from heavy rains and hurricanes to protect local area homes, businesses and roadways.

So, while lakes, ponds, canals, and other waterways are most times a beautiful property value enhancement, they are there to protect local roads and real estate from flooding and it is important that your local pond or lake also retains its retention abilities as well as its beauty.

To do this, dredging is a routine component to the overall aesthetics and benefits of a local pond or lake. Aeration, proper shoreline control and the ongoing management of algae, weeds and fertilizer runoff will help reduce the need of dredging your lake or pond.  Dredging preserve its depth for capturing and holding rain and flood waters. 

FloridAquatic is one of the oldest dredging companies in Florida and one of the few who are licensed and approved dealers of dredging and harvesting equipment.

We have some of the finest professional service personnel and have trained many on the proper use and timing of dredging equipment. FloridAquatic is the expert’s expert and very few have staff that know more about how to maintain the beauty and functionality of Florida wetlands, lakes and ponds.

Don’t dredge too soon, too often, and for sure not when it gets too late or costly. The experts at FloridAquatic are more than willing to help do a proper assessment of your pond and lake. They will suggest improvements to your pond management and help determine when and how is the best time and way to dredge and give your waterway a fresh restart for years to come.