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Truxor Harvesters

Amphibian Truxor Machines

Truxor machines are amphibian and exert minimum ground pressure, thus avoiding damage to the property. The amphibian characteristics makes it unique since it can easily cut vegetation and collect the cuttings, carry out dredging, digging and oil clean-up. What makes the Truxor so unique is its ability to move in places where the ground is too soft for both personnel and other vehicles.

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Lake Management

Keeping Waterways Healthy

Lake Management is a general term to describe all the aspects of keeping a lake healthy, beautiful, and functional. 

It includes the control of algae, grass, and weeds; installing and maintaining fountain and aerator systems; repair of eroded shorelines; dredging sediment to open up water areas; and littoral shelf design.

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Fountain & Aeration

Fountain & Aeration

Healthy Beautiful Lakes

Fountain and aeration systems provides increase oxygen in the water to prevent algae growth; bad odors from stagnant water; healthy ecosystems; decrease mosquito activity by constant water flow; and reduce accumulation of bottom sediment. 

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Mechanical Harvesting

Truxor Amphibian Machines

When plants become over grown in or around a lake or pond, it becomes unattractive and restricts recreational use along with destabilizing aquatic life which can lead to fish kills. 

Mechanical harvesting is a quick and effective way to return the habitat back to normal along with reducing the need for chemicals.

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Algae Bloom

Controlling Dense Algae 

Algae blooms occur when algae grow quickly and densely, often in warm, nutrient-rich waters.

These blooms can be treated chemically, physically (aerator or fountain), biologically (fish stocking), or mechanically with a harvester. 

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Grass, Brush, Weeds

Vegetation Control

Buffer Zones are an area of vegetation along a bank that is beneficial by filtering runoff and preventing shoreline erosion but the vegetation can quickly take over a lake or pond. 

Prevention is the best option and can be achieved by chemicals or mechanical harvesting.

Reduces Mosquitos

Pond & Waterway Dredging

Dredging Lakes, Ponds and Waterways in Florida

Dredging, the removing of sediment from the bottom of your lake or pond, preserves the depth for capturing and holding rain and flood waters along with opening up waterways for recreation use.

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Shoreline Erosion

Dangers of Eroding Shorelines

Shoreline erosion is common for lakes and ponds but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.  Today there is a solution.  By installing a huge sock that is anchored to the ground, filling it with sediment from your lake or pond, it will then be sodded.  Once the sod has become fully rooted, it is a permanent part of the shoreline and not susceptible to further erosion.

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Littoral Plantings

Proper Balance of Desirable Species Maximise Lake Health

Littoral shelves that are made up of beneficial aquatic plants help maintain your water quality by reducing erosion and absorbing nutrients. 

The plants also provide cover for aquatic life. Many counties require littoral shelves to be installed when Home Owner Associations are built.

Helps Control Odor Issues

Lake & Pond Dye

Applying Dye Regulates UV

By limiting the amount of sunlight that enters your lake or pond, you can prevent algae and aquatic weed growth. 

This is accomplished by blocking the UV light with a lake dye.  The dye is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 

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Introducing Naturally Occurring Microbes Removes Sediment

Bio-Augmentation if a purposeful introduction of bacteria to improve water quality and break down bottom solids. 

This process reduces the need for dredging which in turn reduces cost.

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Fish stocking

Managing Ponds for Fishing

Stocking fish in your pond is not only good for fishing but serves a purpose in lake management. Biological control of aquatic vegetation can be achieved by using herbivorous fish such as the white amur, commonly called the grass carp.  It’s important to know what type to stock, what type to not stock, and when to stock.

Helps Control Odor Issues

Monitor Dissolved Oxygen

Water Quality & Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen Levels

An important measure of water quality is the level of dissolved oxygen.

DO is necessary for aquatic life and to help in the decomposing process of organic material at the bottom of the water.

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Water Sediment Sampling

Controling Water Turbidity Levels 

Maintaining good water quality is critical to lake management.

Turbid or muddy water reduces sunlight penetration, which will disrupt biological production.

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