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Fountain & Aeration System

The importance of oxygen in lakes and ponds

Did you know that living in an HOA or on a street that has a pristine lake with fountains, or better yet, having a home within sight of a pond or lake can significantly increase your property values? Did you also know it can have a totally negative impact on your home’s value as well?

It is the condition and care of the pond or lake that matters. A well-groomed, well maintained pond with a beautiful shoreline and perfect color water spraying out of a gorgeous water fountain not only looks fabulous it also gives a solid kick to your home’s property value.

Plus, let’s face it, water fountains are fun, cool and relaxing. It’s a great way to add tranquility to your waterfront area and whether it be a lake or pond, a fountain is not only relaxing to hear but is a joy to look at as well. Below are the benefits of a fountain or aerator system beyond the visual aspect.

Aeration brought on by a water fountain is a valuable tool in the management of your water quality. Not only is it a wonderful feature to add for the sights and sounds it adds, but it is an essential part of many lake and pond management programs.

FloridAquatic Lake Management can provide a free estimate for a fountain or aerator system to improve your water area. Below are the most popular spray patterns for fountains.

Improve your overall water quality

When there is a lack of oxygen in your lake or pond, bottom sediments release gases that can cause water quality problems.  Proper aeration brought on by a water fountain or aerator allows for many of the factors of poor water quality to be mitigated.

Helps to control and reduce excessive algae growth

Fountains and the aeration process of adding oxygen to your body of water help starve out the nutrients that algae need to grow and prosper. The aeration caused by fountains and aerators also effectively mixes algae spores into the deeper parts of the lake or pond so that they will have less available sunlight and time to grow.

Removes bad odors

Fountains and aerators assist in the process of moving the water from the surface with the bottom. The water towards the bottom becomes oxygenated through the aeration brought on by the system. This process allows the hydrogen sulfide gas that collects at the bottom of lakes and ponds to be greatly reduced.

Enhances the habitat of the fish life

Fountains and aerators assist in creating a healthy ecosystem in your lake. By improving the oxygen levels both at the top and the bottom of your lake or pond, fish life and other aquatic organisms can thrive and a healthier habitat for your body of water is created and maintained.

Decreases mosquito activity

Mosquitoes require still water conditions for their eggs to develop. A fountain or aerator will create a constant flow of water in your lake or pond, helping to reduce the viable mosquito breeding habitat and acting as a natural and sustainable mosquito control solution.

Reduces the accumulation of bottom sediment

Organic matter decomposes much more slowly under low oxygen conditions which can lead to a buildup of bottom sediment in your lake or pond. Proper aeration will help reduce the overall accumulation of organic sediment, potentially prolonging or preventing the need for future dredging.