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Mechanical Harvesting

Excessive gradual slopes, shallow ponds, and the introduction of problematic exotic plants such as hydrilla and water hyacinth can lead to overgrowth of vegetation.

When plants become too abundant, recreational use is restricted and the ability of predators (bass) to feed on prey (bluegill) is reduced. Growth rates of both bass and bluegill will decrease, and fishing quality will decline. In some instances, excessive plant growth will deplete DO and may cause fish kills.

When this happens, the quickest and most effective solution is mechanical harvesting. FloridAquatic Lake Management is the leader in Southwest Florida for harvesting. We use the top of the line Truxor Amphibious machine made in Sweden. The Truxor can cut to a depth of 6.88 feet and vegetation up to almost ¾ inch.

By applying the mechanical harvesting approach, you have removed the need to treat the vegetation chemically and have the unpleasant sight of dying plants. The dead floating matter would then release nutrients in the lake that produce algae and help the undesirable plants grow. By removing the material, we are taking the nutrients out of the system which will, in turn, benefit the lake by reducing the nutrient load. This allows us to return the system to a more controllable state with fewer algaecides and herbicides. In general, clean-up the lake and provide a more pleasant looking environment.