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Littoral Plantings

Aquatic plants growing in and around a pond provide many benefits. They help maintain good water quality by reducing erosion and absorbing nutrients.

Plants provide cover for fish and a substrate for the colonization of minute organisms used by small fishes. Wildlife will use the shoreline vegetation for concealment and as areas to search for food.

Properly designed ponds with a narrow fringe of vegetation seldom develop problems. You can maintain access sites simply by removing excess vegetation by hand. Planting desirable species will allow you to maximize the biological, aesthetic and recreational potential of the pond. A mixture of submerged (below water), emergent (stems below and leaves above water) and shoreline (entire plant out of water but can tolerate occasional flooding) species are recommended for “aquascaping”. 

When established, these plants may out-compete problem species such as cattails and torpedo grass. The introduction of any exotic plant is prohibited by law. 


Photographs below © University of Florida

Golden Canna
Duck Potato