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Frequently Asked Questions

A helpful resource with answers to the most commonly asked questions about lakes and ponds in Southwest Florida.

Yes.  We are equipped to manage any size water area.

You could have an algae problem or floating plants.  One of our team members will come out for a free evaluation.  At that time our team member will discuss with you what it is and the course of action to take.  Common solutions are chemical treatment or mechanical harvesting.

You have two options. We can perform a chemical treatment and let it die off but it will look bad while it dies and decomposes.  The other option would be to harvest it mechanically.  If FloridAquatic Lake Management harvests it and continues to maintain the lake after, there is less chemical required.

FloridAquatic Lake Management can use our specialized Truxor harvester to remove the water lettuce from the canal and move it off-site. 

One of our team members will do a free on-site evaluation to see what the cause is.  It can be a number of possibilities from low dissolved oxygen in the water, unsightly algae, or dead decaying vegetation.

If your lake has no movement, there will not be oxygen in it for the fish.  The best solution is to install a fountain or aerator. They take air above the water and push it to the bottom to circulate air.

The chemicals we use are labeled for aquatic use and are only used at label rates. The label rates are guidelines given by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). We use as little as possible to get the job done properly and not harm anything in the environment.

When vegetation or invasive plants take over your lake and are chemically treated, homeowners see unsightly dying plants.  The dead floating matter releases nutrients in the lake that produces algae and helps undesirable plants grow.  By removing the material, we are taking the nutrients out of the system which will in turn benefit the lake by reducing the nutrient load.   This allows us to return the system to a more controllable state with less algaecides and herbicides.  In general, clean-up the aspects of the lake and provide a more pleasant looking environment.   

FloridAquatic Lake Management, along with the Truxor machine, is able to cut all unwanted vegetation from your lake or pond and remove it with minimal impact on the ground around the area.  Problematic algae, submersed weeds, and grasses can quickly be taken out of your lake and placed on the lake bank for removal from site. Depending on the size of the harvest area, most jobs are completed in one day. Which gives you immediate results instead of weeks.

When harvesting you get immediate results, you won’t look at dead decaying matter, and the matter will not cause a sediment buildup at the bottom of your water. This also reduces the need for chemicals. See previous question for more information.