Lake Management is a general term to describe all the aspects of keeping a lake healthy, beautiful, and functional.  It includes the control of algae, grass, and weeds; installing and maintaining fountain and aerator systems; repair of eroded shorelines; dredging sediment to open up water areas; littoral shelf design (planting of beneficial vegetation); lake dyes to reduce algae growth; and bacteria introduction to increase the health of the water.

The methods to control algae, grass and weeds are mechanical removal, chemical (herbicides and algaecides), or biological (introduction of fish or bacteria).

To repair shorelines, FloridAquatic Lake Management uses a system call Dredgesox Erosion Control.  Along with our top of the line dredging machine, Truxor, we dredge sediment from your lake and install it in a double layer knitted polyethylene mesh along your eroded shoreline.  This creates a new fully integrated, immediately solid, and secure living shoreline.

Littoral shelves are aquatic plants that help reduce erosion, absorb nutrients, and provide a habitat for fish and wild life.

FloridAquatic Lake Management is your premier choice in ALL things concerning waterway and lake management when beauty, aesthetics & functionality is vital to your development project. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.

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